International Drupal Rescue

IDR is the Drupal arm of Techito. We've been developing websites since around 2000, and focusing on Drupal since 2007. We've contributed to Drupal core and maintain over a dozen contrib modules.

We're a firm believer in the Drupal philosophy of integration, not re-invention, and in using the most suitable tool for a given purpose. Drupal is great as a publishing platform and a user-interface. Our developers have worked with many other web platforms - from well-known open-source frameworks such as Zend Framework and Kohana to proprietary platforms developed in the likes of Java, Perl and .Net - but we feel that Drupal is usually the best tool to present a website, allow interaction, and provide an interface for content management.

We also use tools like Memcache, Varnish, ESI, and NoSQL to improve performance, Nagios and Graylog for monitoring and logging, Puppet for server configuration-management, Beanstalk and ActiveMQ as queue providers, or Camel with ActiveMQ for platform orchestration, Gearman and Hadoop for large-scale distributed processing or data analysis.

If you're thinking of asking us to get involved, contact us for a chat about how we can help, and the best way to bring us on-board.